Wanted Player for Competitive Volleyball League on Wed in Kenosha Volleyball

Posted Sat, Mar 18 by Andrew from Gurnee, IL in Teams and Groups / 1 reply

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    We are Looking for a female Competitive Volleyball player to Play outdoor sand VB this summer on Wed at Rivals for Coed competitive 6's Volleyball League.

    The league starts Mid to late May and goes thru Aug. $55 a player. Usually games are 7, 8, and possibly 9pm. League is bump, set, spike and actually some really good players.

    If you go by the volleyball skill chart, you must be a BB level Volleyball player of higher. This means you either played club volleyball or played volleyball on your high school team. If you played College/USAV backgrounds are big pluses!

    The female would want to at least pass, serve, play defense, and set good really good. spiking and blocking are pluses! At least a BB level VB player, meaning you played Volleyball on your high school team, or club, or USAV.

    Everyone has either played; hsvb, college or USAV. We play competitively with a recreational attitude. We drink, eat and hangout afterwards! they have music playing, good food and drinks, and when you win a match set you win a free pitcher of beer.

    Let me know, season starts soon!!!
  • Brittany replied Mon, Mar 12

    If you are still looking for someone, I'd be interested. I used to play vb in HS, but haven't played competitively since. Message me if still needing someone.
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